At the incomparable setting of the Barcelona Maritime Museum, has taken place a presentation and coordination meeting with representatives of some of the various administrations and institutions participating this year in the joint celebration of the International Mountain Day.

The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Joaquim Ferrer, Vice President of the Barcelona Provincial Council and Vicente Chelet, Councilor of the Dénia City Council’s Local Agenda 21.

A preview was presented to attendees of audiovisual material available for the celebration of 2013 IMD. The Agenda 21 coordinator commented extensively Dénia’s activities program, with a clear cultural approach in relation to the mountains, and encouraged the audience to continue using the web and its social networks as a broadcast platform. Also, the Barcelona’s Provincial Council, with the presence of its coordinators and deputies Joan Puigdollers and Josep Llobet, wanted to expose its ambitious program involving Italian natural parks and also cultural and gastronomic values to a series of concrete actions scheduled in its twelve parks, with joint action in cooperation with the Food Bank.

The round of interventions also included contributions from the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, from Rome via video by RosaLaura Romeo, made a brilliant introduction to the event, congratulating the city of Dénia for their active participation in the IV Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership, and provided all the support in communication and broadcast that an international organization such as FAO can offer. She was followed by the environmental quality service chief of the Balearic Islands Government, Margarita Femenía, who detailed a number of actions that will be developed in her territory. And to end international connections, Miguel Saravia, Executive Director of the Consortium for Sustainable Development of the Andean Ecoregion (CONDESAN), spoke from Peru with a speech centered around their own activities and joint action between the municipalities of Ccorca and Dénia, that is going to link the Andes and the Iberian Peninsula by means of mountain vision from school children.

Contributing their ideas and views, were also representatives of the Provincial Council of Alicante and Generalitat de Catalunya, reaching a general consensus among participants to continue growing in number and diversity of actions, as well as enhance the spread of IMD in order to reach greater social and territorial visibility.

Finally, the FAO noted that the theme for this year’s celebration will be the mountain as “key to a sustainable future”.


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